About Club Manouche

Club Manouche formed in 2006 by Parisian firebrand guitarist Jean Pierre Druinaud on his arrival in Auckland with guitarist Jez Titterton “Le Voleur” and Pierre La Bouche on bass to impart the Manouche message. Club Manouche took to the streets of Auckland practising on the pavement outside Jean Pierre’sParnell piano store with an open invitation to those interested in playing Gypsy Jazz. Accordionists Jambon Denham and Hershall  played alongside violinist James Le Prof Sneyd.
Club Manouche finally gelled with the arrival of La Pompe Stephan Sherry in 2009. Then, come the decade guitarist Misha Novalov the Haemophiliac added bleeding to the bands line up while Miro Duna playing violin, guitar and piano is the genuine Roma element..Hopla! Misha returned to Latvia and Miro true to his Romani roots moved to the Goldcoast. Change is part of the Club Manouche makeup.
Latest edition is Phillip Beatson , principal guitar. the ferocious Phillipino of the fretboard. All of the above club members still come and go…talking of Michael Angelo, so to speak.

Club Manouche perform as a trio of acoustic bass with two guitars or augmneted with either accordion or violin to perform as a quartet, quintet or sextet with vocals . Vocal duties are shared avec Caroline La Luna and Tui Mamaki. The six piece line up recorded “Premier Et Dernier” www.clubmanouche.bandcamp.com/album/premier-et-dernier

French Gypsy Jazz from the Django songbook, jazz standards, French singer song-writers- Gainsbourg –